Ancient Owl Audio is a Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Rehearsal facility in Berkeley, CA run by engineer/musician/owlish troll Sammy Fielding. The tracking room consists of a 12′ x 16′ recording space, with tall sloping ceilings and acoustically treated with absorption/diffusion, and movable gobos. In here we house our excellent selection of microphones, from Microtech Gefell, Peluso, Audio-Technica, Cascade, and many others. The control room is outfitted with Pro Tools HD, Lynx Converters, SPL Mixdream summing amp, analog outboard gear from Vintech, Seventh Circle Audio, Arsenal Audio, Square State Solid State, Hamptone, and a 24-channel Avid control surface with custom built console desk. An 8′ x 10′ isolation booth resides upstairs, for separating sources during live tracking sessions. All walls in the studio are non-parallel, and consistently adorned with dark and enchanting pieces by local artists, and other mystical (often owl-clad) memorabilia.