Rates & Policies

Recording and Mixing Rates:
$350/day (8 hours) includes house engineer
$200/day without engineer.
$50/hour (2-hour minimum)

Mastering Rates:
Contact us for mastering rates. We do flat fees, which vary depending on number of songs, total run time, and release medium (digital, CD, Vinyl, Tape, etc.)

Remote Recording:
We can bring a mobile recording rig almost anywhere! Rates vary based on location and a few other key factors. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your project.


  • Payment is due the SAME DAY as the session, either before or after the session.
  • Payment for multi-session projects may be paid for in full at the first session, half up front and half on the last day, or you may choose to pay for each session individually.
  • Lockout projects (band leaves gear setup in studio 24/7 for multiple sessions) must be paid for in full BEFORE the first session of the project begins.
  • All media created at Ancient Owl Audio remains property of Ancient Owl Audio until Paid for in full
  • Accepted payment methods: Cash, Paypal, Venmo
  • Booking/Cancellation
    • Deposit-50% total bill
    • Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance or the deposit will not be refunded.
  • Session start time
    • Each session starts at agreed upon time, regardless of whether artist is present. i.e. if you arrive an hour late, you still pay for that hour that you missed.
  • Setup time/Breaks
    • Set up time and short breaks are billed at the same standard hourly rate as recording. Day rates include a lunch break.

    * If you will be recording drums, please be ready for at least an hour or two of setup time at the beginning of the session. It is generally a good idea to have the drummer show up at the beginning of the session and the rest of the band arrive an hour later, to avoid a lot of standing around. Setup time for a whole band generally takes upwards of 2 hours depending on the specific needs of the project. Setup is one of the most important steps in the recording process and must be done with ultimate care and precision!


    • Outdoor noise: Please! respect the neighbors by keeping voices down and not playing instruments outside the studio, especially during night sessions.
    • Parking: There is a long driveway with plenty of space for 2 or 3 cars. Street parking is also safe and free. 
    • Drinks in the studio: If you drink beer, soda, coffee, or any other beverages in the studio, I ask that you be extremely careful to not spill. If a spill occurs, I will use session time to clean it.
    • Equipment: Ancient Owl Audio is not responsible if you break your instrument in the studio. If you break an instrument which belongs to the studio, the cost of repair or replacement will be added to your session cost.
    • Smoking: There is absolutely no smoking inside the studio. Smoking outside in the parking area is fine.
    • Liability: Ancient Owl Audio is not liable for any self or otherwise inflicted injuries that may occur in the studio.