OrbThoughtSammy Fielding: Studio Owner
Sammy is a musician, engineer, and full time owl wizard. Musical from the beginning, he played many different instruments growing up, until finally forming, performing, and recording with various punk, metal, and funk bands in high school. At age 16 Sammy fell in love with recording music, deciding on audio production as a career path, and to one day start a recording studio. It took some years, but this dream would come to fruition. Hence, Ancient Owl Audio! Sammy opened the studio under the name Robot Envy Studio (later changed to Ancient Owl Audio) in 2008 after moving to the bay area to study sound at Expression College For Digital Arts. Since then he has worked with an incredible amount of local and not-so-local musicians and engineers including Wedard, Lyrics Born, Leadeater, Night Profound, Joy Shannon And The Beauty Marks, The Soft White Sixties, Ricky Fataar,  (among many others), and his own current and past bands Noctooa, Medicine Moon, Madison Mandrake, Illudium, Foxtails Brigade, and The Beckon Below.  Sammy has also worked at a handful of other bay area studios including Megasonic Sound, Opus Studios, and Bay Records, and currently works with Michelle Schmitt as her engineer/studio manager at Pine Mountain Studio in Sonoma County. Sammy’s expertise spans from recording, mixing, and mastering music, to commercial voice-over and post-production work, to installing and operating live sound systems. Ancient Owl is Sammy’s haven to do what he loves. The only thing he enjoys as much as playing music is working with other musicians to capture and preserve their creative visions.

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BijanBioBijan Sharifi: Engineer
Bijan is a multi-faceted musician, music producer, and professional audio engineer. Originally from Southern California, Bijan has spent the last 15 years performing and producing music for various projects spanning from symphonic orchestras to hardcore metal bands. After attaining a B.S. from Full Sail University in Sound Engineering, Bijan moved up to the Northern California Bay Area to create a network of musicians, composers, filmmakers and audio specialists. He has had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented emerging artists in the country including Astronauts, etc., Ash Reiter, Bells Atlas, DRMS, Lyrics Born, Midtown Social, Waterstrider, and many others. Currently, he works on a variety of specialized audio work spanning from music production, film production/electronic media, live sound mixing, and live recording. For more information, you can visit Bijan’s website: